About me

This is my kingdom, it is based around my craft shop, office, home, family and pets.  It is a warm, cosy shelter away from the nasty cruel world outside.  Here I do my crafting and live my life with my family and animals.      

My design style is modern, colourful and fun, with layers and textures, it is very touchy feely.   I believe that original design, art and craft should be within the reach of every one, every day.  I take my craft and design seriously - study hard (I do have an art's degree) - talk to everyone, go to craft classes, study on-line, work for designers and surf the web to try to keep up.  I moved to Kendal from Hampshire in 2003 and really love it here.  Illness holds me back these days, and every year brings it's own challenges - but just look out - one day I will get better!

Will treat I have Fibromyalgia (FMS) / CFS / ME / depression / chronic insomnia - plus loads of other junk going on.
Hubby's web site HERE 

The Palace Guard Dog.
 My dear, mad hound William.  We do obedience and agility training – and we are hopeless!!
You think he is gazing lovingly into my face -  He only love’s me because I have got a sausage in my hands.

In my life I have had several jobs, loads of moving house, one or two mishaps and, well, life has not always been easy.  I moved to Kendal from Hampshire (300 miles) because a friend I knew in London (!) lived here and finally nagged me to have a holiday with her – and that was it – I fell in love with the place.  I just felt it was ‘home’ – strange really.

My hubby is an artist and works from home (Robin Grenville-Evans) – I have a muscle condition called fibromyalgia, which is progressive and means I can’t go out to work any more (I have FMS, CFS / ME, IBS and have just started to develop MCB – I call it alphabet soup – pick a letter I am sure I have it somewhere)  – BUT I opened a shop! - yeah - I know INSANE.  Actually - working for myself - when I hit a rough patch - I sit down - and my wonderful customers are hugely supportive (and tolerant) of all the stuff I have to cope with.  I can feel the shudders from here, as I know loads of couples could not stand our off the beat life style - but it works for us.  Hubby works such odd hours and gets so involved in what he is doing (as you do when self-employed) that if he had to cope with normal 9-5 - well it just would not work.

I was a single mother for quite a few years before I  married 'the old goat' and my son (princelet) has just hit the ‘early 20s’ with a life and a shop of his own - so life in the kingdom is never dull.   Also in the castle are 2 terriers - the guard dog -  get this – he is a 'Red Nose, Rough coat, Chocolate Patterdale Terrier', KC name William Chocolate Orange – posh or what?  I have also just acquired Alfie - a rescue dog from Romania after losing my wonderful, scatty Jack Russel Henry - he has a lot of problems to over come - but is the sweetest little thing..
I do a few things outside the castle craft world.  I spend hours on-line researching and taking classes - building my business profile and chatting to designers and company's.  I am a seriously good shopper - buying all over the world with small, individual traders and getting you really good bargains.  I pass on all the savings I make in my buying dealings directly on to you - and I am happy to discuss the findings I come across on my travels.  Please don't ask for my trade suppliers names and details - I have spent years building up these relationships and most of them don't want to interact with the general public
My faith is also important to me and I am a practising  Christian,  I live my life - both personal and business in a totally clear and honest way.  I have been extremely lucky in knowing the Rev Dr Allan Billings (as our vicar before he retired) and he showed me the way to be open and inclusive in my life.  He does ‘Thought For The Day’ at 7.45 on Radio 4,  you can also get it on the listen again service – he is the most amazing speaker.  And The Right Reverend James Newcome (Bishop of Carlisle) - with whom I grew the seed of adult re-conformation when I wanted to touch base and say a 'thank you' when life finally worked out.
I am 'Kitten' - or Pandy Grenville-Evans!
The 'land' address is The Kitten and The Goat, 9 New Shambles, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 4TS
www.thekittenandthegoat.co.uk -  drop in if you are passing.
Thank you for looking – come back and visit anytime – drop me an email with any comments, if anything takes your fancy, or just for a chat.