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Marabu Glas

A luminous interplay of colours on glass. Brilliant, transparent colours. Good flow for even application. Dishwasher-safe without firing. Simply paint, leave to dry – done! Water-based, odourless and non-fading. Ideal for combining with the Marabu Glas Painter.

Brilliant colour interplay on glass

Whether on a large area or as a small colour highlight – the Marabu glass paints make glass surfaces shine. Use the high-gloss, transparent paint for your creations on glasses, glass plates, vases and windows as well as on mirrors, ceramic, porcelain and acrylic plastic. 

Excellent flow properties for even application. The colours are easy to mix and result in a wide range of colours.

Depending on the thickness of the paint coat, you can achieve delicate or rich shades. The colours dry to a transparent, glossy finish. Black and white are opaque.

The combination of bright colours and elegant transparency creates a fascinating interplay of colours and light.

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